The Right Interview Room Makes Victims Feel Safe

With victims already facing the injustice of being assaulted, adding to that being interviewed in a what Hollywood often portrays as a harsh, uncomfortable room often adds a further injustice. Thanks to films and hit TV series, many of our views of the interview room are largely negative, but the truth is that many interview […]

What Does your PD Need for Christmas?

Local law enforcement agencies are seeing the value in improving the home base when it comes to doing their job better. Throughout 2015 the stories of crime, terrorism, conflict between the police and the public have hit the headlines. What your law enforcement professionals need this season is a vision that includes improving headquarters. Have […]

Six Types of Evidence Used in Courts that are Commonly Wrong

The Criminal Justice System is certainly not perfect, yet we continue to look to it to meet out justice. Did you know, however, that three types of evidence used repeatedly and for decades continues to be collected and utilized improperly? A recent Washington Post article identifies six noteworthy trends. We unpack these and share how recording is […]