ERI around the World: Will the Japanese Accept the Benefits?

While electronic recording of interrogations gains momentum in the US in light of recent policy change in the Federal government and its decision to require electronic video and audio recordings of interrogations, the rest of the world maintains a wide variety of positions on the matter. iRecord wants to share tidbits from what’s happening around […]

Top 8 Benefits to Using ERI in and out of the Courtroom

The benefits of statewide requirements of electronic recording of custodial interrogations are many, including reducing wrongful convictions, to avoid disputes about what is said during interviews and to allow law enforcement and other parties to review recordings after they have been made. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has published 16 Top Benefits to […]

Mobile Audio and Digital Recording Equipment All Law Enforcement Should Be Using

We all know that law enforcement officers are rarely biding their time in their county or state-issued vehicle without a mobile device of some kind close by. But last time they checked their devices, the chances that those portable units contained feature-rich, interview recording options is low. At least, the chances are low that their […]

Legal Transcription- The Language, the Job and the New Challenge

No doubt, one of the things that make legal language hardest to understand is its unusual words and terms, which initially, can make the transcriber’s job a challenge. But what about when the transcriber’s job becomes the challenge itself because the devices used to play back audio material are coated with layers or proprietary information […]