Congratulations to the Honor Those Who Protect Contest Winner

iRecord, the leading manufacturer of digital video recording and evidence management solutions for law enforcement professionals, wants to help keep communities safer, and we know that one way to do that is to help those involved in capturing, sharing and utilizing recorded testimony get equipped with the right tools. This motivated us to set up […]

Why You Should Make the Move from Proprietary Software

Users who rely on specific software to do business can find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to upgrading their equipment. Do they pay for new codes that may disappear in a year or two? Do they continue to use what they have and hope for continued compatibility? Or do they purchase another […]

9 Advantages DVD Recording Systems have over Videotapes

Interviews with victims of child abuse can be the primary source of information you receive during a case, which is why it’s essential that you capture as much on audio and video as possible.  Learn why many are using DVD recordings, the advantages of DVD recording systems over videotapes and how the simple one-touch DVD […]