9 Advantages DVD Recording Systems have over Videotapes

Interviews with victims of child abuse can be the primary source of information you receive during a case, which is why it’s essential that you capture as much on audio and video as possible.  Learn why many are using DVD recordings, the advantages of DVD recording systems over videotapes and how the simple one-touch DVD recording system from iRecord, powered by Word Systems, which can get you solving cases more quickly and bringing justice to your community.

In 2009…

In a study completed by the National Children’s Advocacy Center in 2009, 84.5% of the respondents indicated that they preferred using a DVD recording format as opposed to videotape, DVR, or audio-only format when conducting forensic interviews.

It’s hard to believe that this data, as compelling as it is, is half a decade old! The number of agencies and departments preferring to use DVD recording formats has increased even from here and videotapes are quickly becoming obsolete.

9 Advantages DVD Recording Systems have over Videotapes

  1. Superior video and audio quality
  2. Easy-to-handle smaller form-factor disc media, and more durable than magnetic tape.
  3. Random access to video chapters without rewinding or fast-forwarding (serial access)
  4. Reduced playback wear and tear
  5. High-quality digital copying, with little or no generational quality loss
  6. Improved editing on rewritable media
  7. Playlisting
  8. No risk of accidentally recording over existing content or unexpectedly running out of space during recording
  9. Easy to find recordings due to chapter menus

When it comes to capturing interviews with children and professionals in a child abuse situation, the importance of ensuring the audio and video are captured accurately, the first time, and that the piece is easy to find and easy to start/pause/stop, etc is critical. Children, unlike adults may not be able to quickly repeat what they have just said or their short attention spans may limit their compliance in an interview setting.

These advantages that a DVD-capable recording system deliver make a tremendous difference in getting the interview done well and right.

If your organization is looking for a solution that address your recording needs, contact iRecord to learn more.

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