Streamline Your Evidence Sharing with iRecord Cloud Solutions!

Your team’s interview evidence can be the deciding factor for any tough case put before the court. As such, keeping that information secure is of the utmost important. But agencies also need a modern and streamlined process for sharing that evidence with all parties. That’s where we can help.

The old way of doing things just isn’t an option anymore. With data security concerns on the rise, it’s time to move to a secure cloud storage solution. That’s why so many departments choose to work with iRecord for their cloud storage. We’ve got the perfect system to help your team stay organized and compliant as they work through demanding caseloads.


What Makes Cloud Evidence Storage Better?

Every agency needs to follow set protocols for managing evidence. But in an effort to simplify the process, they can unintentionally set up a recipe for trouble. There are a lot of departments nowadays turning to platforms like Dropbox or OneDrive to share sensitive data, and that just leaves your most valuable evidence vulnerable to online security breaches. And for the agencies that still rely on couriers and physical transfers for their USB flash drives, making the switch to digital sharing is long overdue.

Information needs to be shared and processed expeditiously, but today’s detectives and their departments don’t have time to deal with the manual chores involved with gathering and processing their interview evidence—especially during times when face-to-face interaction may be limited. The recent public health concerns are all the more reason to adopt a zero-contact process for sharing evidence. Working with secure iRecord Cloud Storage lets approved parties access the evidence they need over the internet, wherever they are, at any time.


Top Evidence Security—Now with Easy Sharing

When secure evidence saving and sharing can happen over the cloud, you’ll often find that there is better collaboration and communication. Each party can access the latest notes, review the evidence, and continue to move the case along without delays or unnecessary wait-times for the transfer of data. The digital evidence is safe online, “in the cloud,” and that makes agencies better equipped to avoid major setbacks. You lower your risks for a lost interview, and your investigators have a more efficient alternative for sharing their evidence.


Discover What Your Agency’s Been Missing

Our mission here at iRecord is to serve and protect those who protect and serve. In order to deliver on that promise, we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve our interview evidence recording solutions and platforms to give agencies the best user experience. Now with the iRecord Cloud Solution powered by NICE Investigate, we’re able offer you even more.

This cloud solution provides agencies with a seamless upload and transfer of data. The result is more efficient workflows, less time wasted (what used to take hours can now go down to seconds), and greater peace of mind. You lower your exposure for lost or corrupted evidence, all while the system automatically integrates your evidence from various internal sources. Everything gets entered into organized case files with detailed chain-of-custody assurance for a truly smart setup.

Ready to modernize your digital evidence storage and sharing process? Contact us today to start the conversation, and let the iRecord partner with your agency for a better, more secure evidence sharing cloud solution!

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