Which iRecord System is Best for Your Interview Recordings?

Every agency knows that reliable evidence is crucial for public safety. The court system needs to have as much information as possible to reach a sound decision, and the interview recordings that your team collects are a key part of that process. With an iRecord system, collecting that evidence is both easy and accurate.


Interview Recording That Matches How You Work

Having court-admissible interview evidence is much more involved than body camera footage. Interviews need to follow and formal process. All the while, you need clear audio, clear video for your record. And after that, your team needs a user-friendly process for managing that digital evidence for their notes and redactions.

That’s why we’ve designed our solutions with every step of your process in mind. Whether your agency needs recording equipment for your site’s designated interview room or you need a mobile recording solution that you can take with you on-the-go, you can find the right fit with an iRecord system!

For collecting interview evidence on-site, iRecord Universe gives agencies everything they need. We can help you determine the proper interview room layout for setting up your hardware to get the best audio video recording quality. Your detectives will even be able to start and stop recording with the quick flip of a wall switch. Then they can use the secure, user-friendly iRecord software to create their redactions and make notes on the evidence.

Other teams are better suited to have an iRecord Anywhere system. These recording solutions let you record interview evidence anywhere in your community because they utilize a tablet, but still have the powerful functions of the iRecord Universe software features. When your team has both, they’ll be better prepared to collect invaluable evidence for every case.


Secure Your Evidence with Cloud Storage

One of the biggest distinguishers with an iRecord system is that you can synch your digital evidence in the cloud. Different parties involved with the case can then access the interview from their own office, or any other location with a secure internet connection.

Working with the cloud gives teams greater flexibility and efficiency as they work hard to ensure justice is upheld. You don’t have to worry about couriers transporting USB drives anymore in order to share evidence. Secure cloud evidence storage keeps everything safe as you continue to make notes and review your digital files at any time.


Get a Customized Recording Equipment Solution!

The people who protect and serve our communities need modern solutions for how we document, store, and share interview evidence. When you only have one chance to make those recordings, mistakes aren’t an option. The new iRecord Cloud Storage solution helps ensure every party involved in the case has access to your secure files. It saves time, and in turn, saves money for your communities when you cases can be decided more quickly.

We’ve carefully designed each iRecord system to complement how agencies work best, and we’re proud to incorporate detectives’ feedback into how our solutions work. Of course, we also know that every agency and team is unique.

By customizing your solution, we can help you identify what matters most—whether that’s new recording equipment for your one interview room, a half dozen tablets for collecting interview evidence remotely, or even a new cloud storage option for your existing recording equipment! Tell us what’s on your mind, and let’s start designing the right system for your team. Send us a message to get started.

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