Interrogation Room Design: Advice from the Experts

Any major construction project will have a lot of different moving parts. This is especially true for public safety departments. You want to make the right financial and strategic decisions for your community, and that requires a lot of planning. From organizing your budget to making plans with your design crew, there’s a lot of work that needs to happen long before your site’s renovation officially starts.

No matter where you are in the process, this quick overview can help your agency have a better understanding of what to expect. Consider these details when you first start talking about what a new interrogation room might mean for your site!


Interrogation Room Design Development

Every building has its own quirks and opportunities for improvement. When you’re looking to remodel your existing space for a modern interrogation room setup, then it’s important to work with project managers and architects who see your site’s potential. Often times, relocating to an entirely new building simply isn’t an option. Agencies that are able to renovate at their current address usually have a leg up for a more cost-effective interrogation room. This can be accomplished by building an addition or carefully remodeling the layout.

Running through your space needs analysis well in advance will help confirm that your new facility design will be appropriate for your interrogation room requirements. Typically, this includes a detailed review of where your electrical outlets will need to be, as well as your light switches and panic alarm activators. Next, you’ll begin the process of locating your ideal video camera and microphone placement. Getting your hardware positioned correctly is crucial for delivering court-admissible evidence.


The Right Interview Recording Equipment

Having high-quality recording equipment is mandatory for modern interrogation rooms. Without a clear image and the right audio levels, it will be hard for your evidence to be properly reviewed in court. For this reason, it’s important to consider the type of interview recording equipment you’ll be using in conjunction with your final decision on the interrogation room layout itself.

In order to navigate that process smoothly and holistically, many agencies prefer to go the route of working with a fully-partnered build model with for the space set up. By taking this approach rather than a standard design-build model, you can have more confidence in your project as a whole. Working with a team that has extensive experience specifically related to the type of project you and your department are pursuing is always a plus.


Get an Experienced Team for Your Build!

At iRecord, we consider it to be a point of pride that we have worked with agencies all across the country and even into Canada. Our clients know that they can rely on us not only for their streamlined recording equipment and the software they need for their interviews—they can also count on our expertise to help them in the very early stages of their design process.

We have partnered with a variety of different teams to make building a new interrogation room as straight-forward and simple as possible. Let us help you on the journey! Whether you already have specific team members in mind or you’re starting from scratch, we can help give you the guidance that will make your new investment as beneficial as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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