Solving SANE/SAFE Procedure Challenges with Lutech Colposcopes and iRecord

Streamlined solutions are only as good as their weakest link. So when it comes to the iRecord platform and our technology partners, we know that nothing can get overlooked. The process for gathering the most crucial evidence for sensitive casework needs to efficient, as well as accurate. Having the right systems in place helps ensure everything is documented correctly and securely.


Why iRecord Partners with Lutech Industries

In order to continue providing the most comprehensive audio video recording solutions for court-admissible evidence, we’ve proudly partnered with Lutech Industries for their medical exam colposcopes. Their innovative technology and intentional design-functionality helps us elevate the iRecord platform in critical ways.

First and foremost, Lutech shares our mission of solving complex problems in terms of what will best serve the end-user. For Lutech, that means considering how medical examiners and healthcare providers use colposcopes in real life. More importantly, the manner in which Lutech specifically-designed their digital video colposcopes gives patients a better experience too. Being able to provide a faster, more comfortable exam is always a top priority.

Whether used for routine health check-ups in clinical settings or for video evidence in forensic examinations, the Lutech solutions help deliver accurate and reliable digital recordings. That’s why we’re so happy to be Lutech’s sole partner for proprietary law enforcement evidence recordings. It’s been really great to have Lutech’s technology available to offer child advocacy groups and Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)—as well as the populations they serve.


Serving SANE and Child Advocacy Professionals

It will never be easy to address sensitive cases of alleged sexual assault, or even suspicions related to sexual abuse of a child. But the partnership between iRecord and Lutech is a clear way to at least minimize the complications of collecting important forensic evidence, storing those digital files, and then ensuring that the proper parties are able to review the records for their casework.

Pairing the advanced digital video and imagery quality of Lutech Colposcopes with iRecord’s forensic evidence Cloud Storage Solution has empowered CAC’s and SANE facilities to operate more efficiently. Ease-of-use is an important component for colposcope design in these realms. In order to minimize the risks of introducing the patients to additional trauma, these exams need to be conducted as quickly and accurately as possible.

Another benefit of working with Lutech Industries is that their solutions are a perfect match for telehealth scenarios. The forensic evidence can be easily uploaded to the iRecord platform and securely shared with the district attorneys.


Find a Better Solution for Evidence Collection

Public safety professionals, community programs with SART members, and child advocacy groups all deserve to have the most effective solutions possible. We never hesitate recommending Lutech colposcopes as part of the necessary technology solutions for these important organizations.

If you’re interested in learning more about our combined efforts to create a comprehensive forensic evidence solution for sexual assault cases, please know that we’re here to answer your questions. Let us help you find a simpler, more convenient process for collecting the evidence you need. Never hesitate to send us a message. Then we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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