Secure Cloud Evidence Sharing—Move the Case Along

The process of sharing audio video evidence has gone through a series of interesting changes over the decades. In the past, recording interview evidence to VHS tapes was the only option. Then agencies began turning to digital recordings and sharing files with flash drives. And today, there’s an even better solution.

With the innovation of Cloud storage and secure Cloud evidence portals, it’s now easier than ever for public safety teams to share their crucial audio video recordings and digital evidence with the appropriate parties working on a case.


Cloud Security for Digital Evidence

Assessing the security risks with your existing digital evidence storage system isn’t exactly straightforward. There are multiple factors to consider, but one of your primary concerns should be whether you have redundant storage. For years this meant creating physical copies of audio video recordings. That process took up incredible amounts of time, and the evidence itself ended up taking massive amounts of physical storage space. Advances in technology have been great for simplifying or even removing these steps for evidence management. However, the switch to digital evidence hasn’t necessarily made storage solutions more secure.

When agencies are only utilizing onsite storage for their digital evidence, they still leave themselves vulnerable to losing that invaluable data. Their servers could be hacked or even destroyed, in extreme circumstances. That’s why having a streamlined method for saving digital evidence online with the Cloud is so important.


The iRecord Cloud Storage Solution

Many people only think of the Cloud in terms of storage. But in reality, Cloud Solutions can offer agencies so much more than just a secure backup of their digital files. Finding the right solutions provider will help make your investment as strategic as possible.

By thinking of the Cloud in terms of a digital evidence portal and not just a storage system, your team can have the convenience of working anywhere, at any time. That starts with having a secure login and password system. Then you also need a solution that’s organized, user-friendly, and customized for digital evidence management. The iRecord Cloud Storage Solution powered by NICE Investigate offers all of that in one comprehensive setup.

Using the Cloud is fast and secure. And that helps move every case along more quickly with immediate evidence sharing. Parties can review the necessary files wherever they are, and whenever they want. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to log in and check on your case as soon as new information is added. That means less downtime because you aren’t waiting for updates or physical hand-offs for evidence. It also improves collaboration between all types of agencies, from SART members and professionals in law enforcement, to child advocacy groups and more.


Ready to Improve Your Efficiency?

If your agency is ready to improve its efficiency for handling digital evidence—and keep your evidence more secure along the way—our team is here to help. iRecord makes it easy for agencies to switch to the Cloud. Your digital evidence storage needs to be secure and reliable. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

We’ve specifically designed our Cloud Storage Solution to complement the way public safety professionals work. To schedule a demo and continue the conversation, please send us a message. We’d love to introduce you to the Cloud and see how it can help your community!

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