Know the Difference: Comparing Interview Room Recording Equipment

Although your agency has the right training and expertise to record reliable interview evidence, your process might still be limited. Working with outdated interview room recording equipment only slows down your team. A new solution can help you stay efficient and keep every case moving forward.

Interview Room Recording Equipment Options

There’s no denying that a custom interview room recording solution can deliver the best results for your team. But there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to make sure the new system is relatively simple to adopt. Moreover, it needs to be extremely secure.

Good equipment, software, and a modern cloud solution will help lower your risks of losing an interview. And with a new cloud solution, your team can have greater flexibility to manage their caseload. It’s really all about finding the right provider.

1. Will you have a partner through every stage of development?

When considering which interview room recording equipment solution your agency needs, the first step is actually to take a look at the room itself. Ideally, the team working with you to design and install your equipment will be able to help you review the layout of the space.

Sometimes agencies need to build their interview room from the ground up, as part of their brand-new facility. Other times, they’ll be addressing a remodel. When you partner with an experienced team, they can advise you on all of those logistics. The easiest approach for this is usually a design-build model. Then your equipment and the interview room will be set up to complement each other.

2. How streamlined is the software—not just the hardware?

Next, you need to ask yourself about the solution’s ease-of-use. Will your team be getting an intuitive system? Or is there going to be a dramatic learning curve? The software should have a clear, straight-forward process for making redactions and sharing interview evidence with other parties connected with the case. Remember: The interview room recording equipment isn’t just about the hardware, meaning those cameras and microphones. Scheduling a demo for the software can help give you peace of mind as you approach your final decision.

3. Are you getting a truly custom solution?

Not all interviews take place in a designated room. If your team works remotely, you’ll need a recording solution that’s adaptable in the field. For some agencies, that can be as simple as recording interviews on tablet that have the right software.

Child advocacy groups can also benefit from mobile units. We offer Winnebago Specialty Vehicles that are equipped with the full setup of interview room recording equipment. These are great for connecting with clients who live far away or can’t conveniently travel to your site.

iRecord Solutions: Designed for Your Team’s Process

Having access to unique recording features lets you build a custom solution for serving your community. It’s also helpful to work with a provider that can include a Cloud Storage Solution. At iRecord, we have a wide range of options for upgrading and/or streamlining your digital evidence process. After all, the best recording equipment isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all type of system.

Working with a one-stop-shop is nice, but that only pans out when you can actually get everything that you want. Let’s start by reviewing your team’s interview process. Then we can think about the type of equipment that would make the most sense. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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