Law Enforcement Interview Recording Systems—How Does Yours Add Up?

The various law enforcement interview recording systems available today are certainly a step up from the VHS tapes we relied on years ago. We have high-definition video and super-clear audio recording options, so it makes sense that most agencies think their current process is good as-is. But in reality, we should always pursue new ways to collect even more accurate evidence for the court. There’s no reason to sit back and pass up the opportunity for improvement. Today’s law enforcement interview recording systems still require a little troubleshooting.

Interview Evidence Recording Challenges

We can’t deny that HD cameras and modern microphones have brought the quality of interview recordings to new heights in the past couple of decades. Yet some concerns still linger. Without the proper room setup, the law enforcement interview recording systems that we’re using now might actually be worse than in years past.

Obviously audio video quality is key. However, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. LE teams need to ensure that their interviews are conducted in the right spaces, with their cameras positioned at the right angles and their microphones set to record the right sounds. Your interview evidence can’t be compromised with loud voices or noises coming from the hallway. (Not to mention the extra sounds when the room hasn’t been outfitted for echo elimination.)

As for the HD cameras, you’ll want to make sure nothing gets missed when your interview subject presents unique visual cues. It’s not just about the words being said during the interview. The more information the court has to review, the better. How a witness, victim, or suspect sits and repositions their body throughout the conversation can lead to new insights for the court’s ruling. Agencies are sure to face challenges if they aren’t providing the most accurate evidence. That’s why their interview room setup is so important.


The iRecord Law Enforcement Interview Recording Systems

Because we’re acutely aware of LE agencies’ challenges, we know how to provide solutions that actually make sense for how their teams work. Our recording software is a big part of that. But we also pay close attention to the hardware we offer. Your agency’s law enforcement interview recording systems need to be reliable right out of the gate.

We put experienced technicians on the job to install your new equipment. And we’re always just a phone call away if your team ever runs into issues down the road. That’s why public safety professionals all across the country choose to work with iRecord. We’re committed to making your work easier with better technology and great customer service.


Deliver the Most Accurate Evidence for the Case

Interview evidence provides the court with a unique blend of both subjective and objective data for the case. Securing the most accurate details with clear audio video recordings helps give them the information they need to pursue justice and help keep our communities safe.

If your law enforcement interview recording systems are due for a review, or you’re ready to make the jump to a truly modern solution, we’d love to talk! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message to start exploring your options. We’re here to help your agency design and build a new interview room that truly works for the modern era.

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