Winnebago Specialty Vehicles—Driving Progress for Child Advocacy and SART

Even with the rise of telehealth and the convenience of video conferencing, there are some instances where in-person consultations will always be essential. Unfortunately, having to travel long distances can present a whole new set of challenges for families in need of service. But there is a solution; and across the country, more and more childhood advocacy centers are putting the benefits of going “mobile” into action!

The Difference with Mobile Command Centers

When resources are tight, advocacy groups still need to deliver exceptional care. That’s how mobile advocacy centers can help. By working with a “facility on wheels,” you can expand your reach and serve populations right where they are. Instead of restricting your team to a single location, you can coordinate an effective response with a mobile center—and make it easier for everyone to get on the path to healing.

Operating with mobile child advocacy centers allows teams to maximize their dollars and do more for their communities. Because instead of directing funds into building new facilities across county lines, you can have one mobile center that does it all! It eliminates the stress of securing real estate and staffing multiple advocacy centers, all while providing the same high level of service of a traditional onsite facility.

Solutions for Medical Exams and Interview Evidence Recordings

The latest solutions for mobile advocacy centers are intentionally-designed to be efficient, compact, and incredibly versatile. After all, it’s not just a matter of loading up a car with a few supplies. You need a fully-functioning facility that can handle all of the tasks your team members might need to address, from professional interview evidence rooms to fully-equipped medical exam rooms. Fortunately, one solutions provider has been really stepping up!

Winnebago Industries is leading the way in mobile healthcare and community outreach by giving teams everything they need to function at their best, anytime and anywhere. Together with iRecord, their Specialty Vehicles Division has created a practical solution that allows CACs and SARTs to bridge the travel barriers for families and children to receive meaningful support. Their mobile CAC units allow teams to have a safe, private place to conduct initial and ongoing forensic interviews in a child- and family-friendly setting. There’s even the option to customize the vehicles to function as medical exam rooms to streamline the investigative process.

Rather than having a patient travel long distances, you can bring the care team right to their doorstep. In cases of physical or sexual abuse and trauma, having the option to gather both physical evidence and an interview testimony at the same time and place can make a world of difference for speeding up the investigative process, while also minimizing the stress of travel for victims and families.

Enhance Your Service Offerings and Go Even Further

Making the switch to mobile specialty vehicles has been a big win for communities all across the country. Especially in rural areas, where access to advocacy services can be more of a challenge, the solutions powered by Winnebago Industries and our team at iRecord are proving to be a huge success.

If your advocacy center is ready to advance your process and travel directly to the populations and individuals who need you most, then we’d love to help. Contact us to schedule a discovery session, and let us answer your questions!

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