Criminal Investigation Takes Courage and Right Equipment

Television shows like Law and Order or Cops might have romanticized some aspects of the life of investigators, but the reality is that catching criminals and keeping streets safe takes courage as well as the right equipment. Why then are counties across the country satisfied with status quo recording devices, or worse, devices created for non-forensic applications?

Private investigation is so much more than donning your pipe and cape; it take courage as well as the right equipment. There is more to private investigation than just the dress code and the gadgets–what’s important in an investigation is for the case to be solved. The fact is that many times, investigators can gather what they need, equipment or no or improvise.

Now that it’s widely recognized, however, that solid equipment leads to faster case closings, more accurate investigations and cost savings (when processing, sharing and saving digital information is considered) the question of why so many counties continue to improvise when they don’t have to remains.

Maybe the question comes down to the definition of what equipment is necessary.


So what equipment is necessary? 

1. Audio recorder: This is an essential tool that private investigators need to have with them always. In the course of the investigation, private investigators get to interview people that play a part in the case they are solving. A personal cell phone or off-the-shelf unit typically will not be sufficient. Lack of storage space and difficulty in editing on these devices are just a few of the reasons why not just any audio recorder will do.

You want your interviews to not only provide the proof of conversation between you and a witness, but also to be able to analyze the file over and over, share it with as many people as need it as well as have the message transcribed, all of which can be streamlined with a product ones that iRecord provides.

2. Camera:  Your camera equipment is another important tool in a private investigation. You can use it to photograph not only people and scenes; you can also use them to picture documents that may prove important.

The types of cameras that you can have today will make your investigation easier. There are those that are complete with zooming capabilities. You can take clear pictures even if you are in a safe distance. There are also those that have night visions that are perfect for shooting in the darkness.

Digital cameras offer a much clear picture of people and things. Now you do not have to worry that your shot is blurred and indistinguishable. All you have to do is adjust some of the features to ensure you capture the clearest image possible.

3. Video Recorder: Digital video recording equipment has become increasingly more of a necessity, especially in interview rooms when capturing interviews. Many scenes caught on video can become the most important piece of evidence. One of the challenges that many county offices face is a lack of resources or supply of the appropriate video recording equipment and the tendancy is to improvise with surveillance cameras, which can’t capture as clear video or audio as the built-for-forensic-use iRecord devices.

What’s more, many other manufactures with specialized recorders that will work for interview rooms and other video needs do well at capturing the necessary audio and video, but stop there. As specialized units, many come with layers of proprietary information and processes built wtihin them, which complicates sharing, converting, uploading and editing files once created.

What’s unique about iRecord is that the digital audio and video recording units we make do everything–which is something that no other product on the market can boast.

Consider what iRecord allows detectives and investigators do:

    • Achieve 100% compliance with new State and Federal mandates.
    • ONE TOUCH Recording that is actually EASIER to operate than a standard VHS recorder.
    • Produce superior quality digital video and audio recordings.
    • Enjoy the inherent time-saving features, unlike a Digital Video Recorder.
    • Easily duplicate selected portions of interviews to CD or DVD.
    • Eliminate the use of “bulky” Analog audio cassette and Video VHS tapes by transitioning digital recordings that utilize CD/DVD technology.
    • Search and retrieve all annotations and audio/video associated with a particular interview at the click of a mouse.
    • Gain immediate access to relevant interrogation recordings.
    • Make personal case-relevant notes about the case while reviewing audio/video.
    • Save valuable review time with superior quality recordings.
    • Save time while creating presentations for courtrooms.
    • Improve productivity without changing established operating procedures.
    • Effortlessly share recordings via CD or DVD or your local area network.
    • Achieve quick return on investment (ROI).

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