Investigator Training Made Simple

iRecord not only provides law enforcement units with leading technology and machines for its forensics and court applications, but also provides expert training to all of your investigators through our unique training system that is designed to fully optimize your iRecord experience.


Another unique aspect of iRecord is the fact that we are interested in ensuring that police investigators and any members of the team who have the need to learn the ins and outs of the system are fully trained to utilize our equipment so that the deployment of the equipment can go off without a hitch.

Our team is comprised of trainers who are iRecord staff who are subject matter experts, including former Police detectives and Child Advocacy Specialists.

With iRecord our seasoned staff of experts UNDERSTAND the needs of the investigator and forensic interviewer and we will ensure your staff is proficient with our system. Also included in our Investigator training which is also deployed with our Nationwide partner network is the following:

    • iRecord Basics
    • Proper room layout and soundproofing techniques
    • How to effectively use our index notes to document your interviews
    • Evidence Vault Basics
    • Proper Camera Angles

iRecord not only provides you with the proper software tools for your Investigators but also the training necessary to do your job effectively.

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