Importance of Eye Witnesses on Crime Scene

Your eye witnesses on a crime scene may seem invaluable to you as a private investigator, but are you placing as much importance on that human as a witness as you are on capturing what that person says? How are you going to record those first words? While many PI’s have found themselves in a situation using a personal recording device such as a smartphone or hand held audio recorder, there are some important reasons why you should rethink the soundness of that stop-gap solution.

Weight of Witness Testimony on Crime Investigation

Once crime scene investigators have scoured the scene for physical evidence that will provide clues to indicate what transpired before the crime happened, they then turn to finding eyewitnesses to the crime. There many crime cases that have been solved due to testimonies provided by witnesses to the crime, provided that it is associated with the evidence found at the crime scene, but sometimes cases get backed up in court because the devices capturing the testimony provide audio that is inadmissible or presents problems.

Examples of issues that could arise:

    • Audio is unclear
    • Devices produce files that are not universally readable
    • Files cannot be easily redacted or edited to cut out inadmissible portions
    • Files cannot be easily shared
    • Tampered evidence or no chain of evidence available

Some courts favor witness testimony as a crucial factor that can move a crime forward. As long as it coincides with the physical evidence gathered at the crime scene, it has the potential to put criminals behind bars. And then, of course, as long as material shared with the court is admissible.

iRecord‘s digital audio and video recorders will ensure that you can easily 1) edit digital recording from any source, 2) share recordings with any member of the investigation team and 3) provide the chain of evidence needed in the courtroom to back up any audit that might be brought up during a case.

What’s more, with iRecord, investigators no longer need to rely on their personal devices to record or other machines which make saving, transferring and converting files cumbersome and tedious. iRecord devices are portable, non-proprietary and 100 percent reliable.

They are the best product on the market because they capture everything the investigator needs, the case requires and the court requires. Don’t let another day go by without evaluating your recording technology. Contact us today for a product demo or to learn more.



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