Best Recording Devices for Interviews—Find Your Match

From law enforcement agencies to public safety professionals who are working on some of the most challenging cases—interview evidence makes all the difference. You only get one chance to record those conversations. That’s why teams need to have the right equipment for the job.


Know Your Options: Best Recording Devices for Interviews

You need to deliver reliable interview evidence to the court every time. Obviously, that takes a fair amount of training for how to conduct the actual interview. But there’s no ignoring the fact that your audio video equipment is critical too.

The best recording devices for interviews are the ones that are secure, easy-to-use, and specific to the way you work. In order to find your own solution, though, you first need to consider where those interviews are actually taking place.


1. Onsite Interview Recording Rooms

Large agencies as well as those serving smaller populations often already have a formal interview room in their building. However, these spaces aren’t always equipped for audio video digital evidence. If your department hasn’t upgraded to a modern interview room design yet, that on-site layout will go hand-in-hand with finding the best recording devices.

Installing your equipment properly will depend on how your room is arranged. A good solutions provider should work with your team to analyze the space and determine the exact positioning for your two-camera setup and microphones. Then, after the hardware is installed, you’ll be able to start exploring their offerings for software solutions. After all, once your digital evidence is recorded, you need a way to manage it and securely share it with the court.


2. Mobile Devices for Remote Interviews

It’s not always possible or realistic to conduct interviews at your facility. But you still need to collect that evidence. Whether you have a detective at the scene of the crime, or you need to travel to someone who is unable to come to your agency directly, you need a different solution.

The best recording devices for interviews that happen remotely need to be mobile, user-friendly, and discrete. You need to be able to carry the equipment. It also needs to be intuitive. Fortunately, the iRecord Anywhere system meets all of those requirements.

We’ve designed this solution to work on tablets, just like the ones you might already be using to watch a show online or check your email when you’re away from your computer or traveling. This is especially convenient because it’s also a “non-threatening” setup for your interview subject. We’re all familiar with these types of devices. That makes them easier to “forget about” while they’re telling their story. It’s easy for the interviewer to use, and it’s more comfortable for the victim, witness, or suspect being interviewed too.


Let’s Find the Best Fit for Your Agency

Although public safety professionals all have a common goal, every agency has its own approach. For one, the actual facilities come with distinct layouts. There’s also the team’s standard day-to-day process.

Most agencies benefit from working with a service provider that will actually customize their solution. The best recording devices for interviews that happen on-site need to have carefully-designed rooms. Additionally, you want a provider who offers great customer service and will help onboard your employees to the new system.

At iRecord, we firmly believe that we’ve designed the best recording devices for interviews that will be submitted for evidence. That’s because they’re specifically built with the end-user in mind. We’d love to have the opportunity to answer your questions or schedule a demo. Please contact our team to learn more!

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