Police Cameras for Remote Interview Recordings

Accurate evidence is at the heart of every legal case. On the one hand, we have physical evidence, which certainly has its place. Yet there’s no denying that interview evidence is often the lynchpin for getting to the truth. These conversations help present the human side of the story. But in order to paint the full picture, agencies need reliable police cameras and modern interview recording solutions.


Interview Recordings and Police Cameras

Whether it’s gathering a testimonial from a victim, documenting the perspective of a witness, or recording an interview with a suspect, we need the appropriate technology. Often these conversations will happen onsite, in the agency’s formal interview room. However, there are also instances when we need to make interview evidence recordings remotely at another facility, or in the field.

These different environments require different types of recording solutions. For interview rooms, we should have a two-camera system installed. Then the placement of furniture and microphones will need to accommodate the police cameras and their line of sight.

Working remotely requires detectives and agents to be more nimble. Every location has its own quirks. Being able to adapt to the environment is critical for securing the most accurate interview evidence possible.


Making Police Cameras More Discrete

Sometimes it simply isn’t realistic or convenient to utilize your agency’s onsite interview recording room. So whenever you have the opportunity to record an interview remotely, your team will want to act fast. That’s where a modern mobile recording solution can help.

We’ve designed our iRecord software to work seamlessly with computer tablets because it gives agents the flexibility to take their recording system with them wherever they’re working. Whether you’re on the scene or visiting a victim or witness at another site, recording on a tablet can document that critical evidence in a more streamlined manner.

Moreover, using tablets as your mobile police cameras makes it easier for your interview subjects to let their guard down and be honest throughout the interview. We’re all used to seeing tablets and even using them in our own lives. By adopting these solutions, your agents are in a much better position to ensure they’re gathering the most reliable interview evidence for every case.


iRecord—Your Partner for Interview Evidence

Police cameras need to coordinate with their surroundings. In actual interview rooms, it’s best to have a permanent set up. For mobile recordings, though, flexibility is key. A recording platform that’s truly mobile and accessible on a tablet makes it easy to stay on task and gather evidence whenever the opportunity arises.

At iRecord, we’re dedicated to creating the best solutions possible for interview police cameras and recording software. In addition, we also partner with law enforcement agencies and other public safety professionals for their digital evidence management solutions.

Actually recording your interview evidence is only one step in the process. You need a system to securely store those digital recordings—and a solution that allows you to easily share that evidence with other parties too. Finding a solution that’s truly comprehensive is crucial for an organized workflow.

Whether you’re looking to improve your onsite interview room police cameras, adopt a new and intuitive mobile solution, or both, please know our team is here to help. Reach out for your initial consultation. Then discover how iRecord can finally give you what you’ve been missing!

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