Crime Scene Investigation for the Forensic Interviewer

What does crime scene investigation look like in action when it comes to recording technology and software? With increasing numbers of public safety and child advocacy centers adopting digital and audio video recording systems, solutions are much more visible today than they used to be.

The Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center at Northwest Arkansas Community College is a great example of a facility where crime scene investigation and forensic interview skills are being taught with state of the art technology.

The school provides a path for students to study to become forensic interviewers and one of its most important tools in the program includes its 24-room iRecord system. Students use the room to participate in mock crime scenes, mock forensic interview and mock court cases as well.

To read more about the what computer forensics is and how it helps law enforcement officials solve cases, click here for a brief guide on computer forensics training.

Educational institutions are increasingly realizing the benefits of recording equipment and systems to set themselves apart as exceptional. Specialists who have the training and skills that prepare them for experience in the field with real tools and scenarios are better prepared and equipped to close cases more quickly. With technology playing a major role in this training, including the use of mobile recording devices, learning more about the possibilities is a smart next step.

Check out iRecord’s recently released Anywhere Tablet to learn what possibilities a mobile device can deliver to you as an institution.

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