Police Cameras for Remote Interview Recordings

Accurate evidence is at the heart of every legal case. On the one hand, we have physical evidence, which certainly has its place. Yet there’s no denying that interview evidence is often the lynchpin for getting to the truth. These conversations help present the human side of the story. But in order to paint the […]

Best Recording Devices for Interviews—Find Your Match

From law enforcement agencies to public safety professionals who are working on some of the most challenging cases—interview evidence makes all the difference. You only get one chance to record those conversations. That’s why teams need to have the right equipment for the job.   Know Your Options: Best Recording Devices for Interviews You need […]

Interview Room Recording System: LE Solutions vs Child Advocacy

All across the country, our public safety professionals work hard for our communities. Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers are here to protect our most vulnerable citizens. They also help deliver the most accurate evidence to the court. An interview room recording system is critical. After all, interview evidence can provide some of […]

Law Enforcement Interview Recording Systems—How Does Yours Add Up?

The various law enforcement interview recording systems available today are certainly a step up from the VHS tapes we relied on years ago. We have high-definition video and super-clear audio recording options, so it makes sense that most agencies think their current process is good as-is. But in reality, we should always pursue new ways […]

iRecord Interview Room Systems: How We Rise Above

The process for collecting court admissible interview evidence has many steps, and you can’t afford to have a disjointed system. Fortunately, with the iRecord interview room systems, your agency can get all of the necessary recording equipment—plus intuitive software to keep all of your interview evidence organized and secure. Bringing Ease-of-Use to Interview Evidence Recordings […]

Why Body Cameras Are Ineffective for Interview Evidence

The general consensus for video evidence is becoming clearer and clearer: Body cameras are useful, but relying on them alone isn’t the answer. To gather all of the necessary information for the court, agencies know that they need a consistent, reliable, and complete process for recording their interview evidence. Body Camera Misconceptions and Shortfalls Even […]

Secure Cloud Evidence Sharing—Move the Case Along

The process of sharing audio video evidence has gone through a series of interesting changes over the decades. In the past, recording interview evidence to VHS tapes was the only option. Then agencies began turning to digital recordings and sharing files with flash drives. And today, there’s an even better solution. With the innovation of […]

Know the Difference: Comparing Interview Room Recording Equipment

Although your agency has the right training and expertise to record reliable interview evidence, your process might still be limited. Working with outdated interview room recording equipment only slows down your team. A new solution can help you stay efficient and keep every case moving forward. Interview Room Recording Equipment Options There’s no denying that […]

Court-Admissible Evidence and Chain of Custody Timeline

The pursuit of justice depends on court-admissible evidence. So as law enforcement and legal teams work to analyze their cases, they need to log important details about how all of the evidence has been handled and shared. Maintaining this chain of custody is incredibly involved, and there isn’t any room for error. Understanding the potential […]