TV’s New Look at the Reid Technique for Police Interrogations

Crime shows have been a popular television genre for decades, but in recent years, we’ve seen some changes in how the interrogation scenes are being portrayed. It’s no longer just gritty questioning in TV dramas. Now we’re seeing documentaries investigating agency practices. This is helping to make the public aware of different interrogation tactics. Agencies […]

Using iRecord Solutions vs Security Systems for Interview Room Recording

Agencies that conduct interviews and interrogations for casework can help strengthen the criminal justice system by recording audio and video of their evidence. For that, they obviously want a recording solution that’s easy to use. No one wants to deal with a complicated technical process to set up the recording equipment. Detectives and victim advocates […]

Columbus Police Use New FETI Training to Improve the Interview Evidence Process

Public safety is a concern for every community, from rural towns to big cities. In an effort to get ahead of crime and ensure that justice continues to be upheld, police agencies have always undergone rigorous training; and new research regarding the traditional interrogation techniques has led to new recommendations for officers. It’s long been […]

Deceptive Interrogation Tactics Called into Question by WA House Bill

Across the country, nine states have passed laws to prohibit law enforcement from using deceptive tactics when interrogating juveniles. But now a new bill in the state of Washington is looking at extending this to all defendants. House Bill 1062 would make defendants’ statements inadmissible in court whenever police have used deceptive tactics in relation […]

Be in the Know: IT Compliance Standards for District Attorney Office Staff

In the pursuit of justice, every District Attorney’s office needs to safeguard their data and ensure that the evidence for every case remains secure. Abiding by the various IT compliance standards can help ensure that all information is protected. Everything from your daily office communications to how you handle your evidence for review needs to […]

Best Practices to Soundproof Forensic Interview Rooms

Your forensic interview room must work to maintain privacy and prevent distractions during interviews. That’s why soundproofing the space is essential. With only one chance to record an interrogation or testimonial evidence, agencies need to make sure their room setup is secure and will be conducive to a focused and uninterrupted interview. Soundproofing Construction Materials […]

Top 4 Benefits of an iRecord Interview Room Solution

Public safety agencies need to collect the most accurate evidence possible for criminal investigations. So whether you’re in law enforcement or managing a child advocacy center, you need a recording solution you can trust for your interview evidence. iRecord is here to help. We partner with organizations all across the United States and beyond to […]

Key Ingredients for Your Agency’s Soft Interview Room

When an agency deals with investigative interviews, environment is key. The details being shared can be incredibly sensitive and personal, and without the right setting, gathering the necessary evidence can become even more difficult. Interacting with individuals who may have experienced trauma requires a different type of space than speaking with suspects. This is where […]

Cognitive Interviewing—Techniques for Trauma-Related Testimonial Evidence

In law enforcement, no two cases are the same. What’s more, each piece of evidence will be distinct. Although certain protocols remain the same for collecting interview evidence, it’s important to remember that the process of interviewing a witness or survivor can be dramatically different from interviewing a suspect. Knowing how to adapt to the […]