Capturing Interviews is SIMPLE with iRecord

Despite the fact that in the US the support for video and/or audio recording interrogations has been mixed, one thing has been clear—digitization has vastly improved the task of recording in every case. No longer does the medium for recording need to be a barrier when it comes to recording your interviews any longer!

Learn how simple it is to use state of the art equipment like iRecord’s to capture key testimony and prevent wrongful convictions!

“It’s so simple my mom could use it!”

For businesses and agencies looking for simplicity, the answer is clear. iRecord. iRecord is the natural choice because it offers a simple video and audio recording solution AND high quality AND reliability.

Here’s what makes the system SIMPLE:

  1. ONE TOUCH: When it comes to starting, stopping and navigating the system, the user is looking at a set of simple, user-friendly recording controls. Check out a product demo if you’re interested in seeing it in action.
  2. STREAMLINED WORKFLOW: The iRecord system is designed to operate without interrupting other operating procedures.
  3. STORAGE & QUALITY: The media that is stored on the system is stored on smaller, more reliable optimal media (no longer do you need to rely on bulky audio or video tapes!). This ensures the highest quality, complete and accurate recordings.

Another important value that iRecord offers is its open media assets. Many police departments nationwide recognized the value of recording systems for their interrogation rooms years ago, but without realizing it, purchased equipment that was anything but simple when it came to sharing it due to proprietary codes that required time-consuming tricks to download, share or send electronic recordings to parties needing that media.

A final set of benefits hat iRecord offers, adding to the simplicity of the systems, is its text annotation. Unlike a DVR or VHS recorder, iRecord offers multiple tools to encourage activities above and beyond simply recording.

For example, time-stamped annotations in iRecord can be created and directly associated recorded audio/video. iRecord “indexes” can also be rapidly searched in our powerful Evidence Vault to locate specific words, case numbers or phrases and the corresponding audio/video segment instantly played.

iRecord’s superior integration of index notes, combined with simple operation, makes iRecord an ideal and SIMPLE choice for interview situations that demand more than just high quality audio/video recording.

Contact us today if your department or facility is ready to take a look at a simple solution for your recording and playback needs!

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