Change in Illinois ERI Law: Bill Expanded to Require Recording of Persons Suspected of Violent Felonies

Late in August 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that expanded the 2003 bill which mandated recording homicide interrogations. Learn what the new requirements, when they will take place and how that will impact police and communities when it comes to recording interrogations.

The Chicago Tribune released the full story explaining that the law expands on legislation passed in 2003 that already mandates the recording of homicide interrogations.

What are the New Requirements?

According to the article, the new requirements will take effect in phases over the next three years, so that by June 2016, police will have to record interrogations of people suspected in any of eight violent felonies, four of which include:

  • Aggravated criminal assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Aggravated battery with a gun
  • Armed robbery

Once the new law is fully implemented, courts will consider any statements from suspects accused of these and four other felonies as inadmissible unless the interrogation is audio or video recorded.

Aimed at trying to prevent false confessions as well as wrongful convictions, many advocates are hopeful when it comes to the expansion of the law that it will in fact keep communities safer while ensuring justice for all.

Benefits of Recording Interrogations

The benefits of recording interrogations are far-reaching. Those cited in the Chicago Tribune article include:

  1. Shielding police for bogus allegations of coercion
  2. Protecting suspects from overly aggressive interrogation methods

While some are concerned about allocating resources to ensure compliance with the new law, other benefits that have been raised do, in fact, include time savings through trial and resource savings through recording systems like iRecord, which packs the best and latest in technology with easy navigation, sharing, and the highest quality and clarity for investigator use.

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