Resolving Testimony Disparities: It’s What You See—Not What You Say

It’s not uncommon to find a witness disagree to a statement or question posed in the courtroom or in an interview prior to trial, but resolving disparities between the “now” testimony and what’s on record can be as simple as pressing a button.

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iRecord’s one touch recording and VHS-style controls make using the system extremely easy. Some of our customers have told us that this feature alone has made a tremendous difference. If you are more comfortable with using a switch to activate your recording or would rather click to go, we have those options too.

Closing Cases Quickly

In too many cases, evidence from recorded interviews, either audio or video, is deemed inadmissible because of audibility problems or issues relating to poor quality footage.

It can be tricky to prove motive without this evidence; and worse, when your witness changes the story, without your recorded testimony to support your case, your case may be delayed or otherwise negatively impacted.

Mission Possible

iRecord’s mission was to create a device that would be simple to use, even easier than a VCR while eliminating the complexity and proprietary nature of digital recording that came with the advent of DVR recording options.

Based on industry standards such as MPEG and Windows Media technologies, our systems are familiar to a wide spectrum of people and also are fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system now and for years to come.

Closing cases quickly is possible.

And if there is a discrepancy between what your witness says in court or in another setting, the interview you’ve captured with our system leaves no room for argument. Clear HD quality leaves no question as to body language or nuances from facial expressions. Impeccable audio provides immediate clarification of responses and questions.

Sharing Recorded Information also Push-of-the-Button Easy

And after you’ve captured your interview, the non-proprietary nature of our system allows for easy sharing with your colleagues, prosecutor or other essential parties on the team.  Whether you are looking to email the audio as an MPEG or burn it to a CD, sharing the record has never been simpler.

To read more about how our equipment has helped prosecutors and law enforcement agents bring criminals to justice, click here.

Law enforcement can easily provide crucial audio and video recordings to prosecutors with the right equipment. Simple to use, easy to share and simple to navigate, what you see now trumps what you say.

To see for yourself, contact us to request a product demo or join one of our free webinars. We look forward to sharing our ground-breaking solution with you and saving your team time and energy so you can better focus on closing your cases quickly.

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