Benefits of Using Covert Cameras During Interrogations

Video recordings work to preserve the integrity of statements made during interviews; and using covert cameras in particular can have some strategic advantages for collecting valuable evidence during police interrogations. For starters, video evidence helps support the court’s process in making a just ruling. But not only that, video recordings can also be used for […]

Mastering Your Interrogation Interview Techniques

In the quest for truth, interrogation interviews play a pivotal role in moving a case toward resolution. The conversations offer a unique opportunity to delve into the minds of those involved, and that’s why it’s so important that the process be conducted with care. Whether it’s interviewing a criminal suspect, victim, or witness, the process […]

Winnebago Specialty Vehicles—Driving Progress for Child Advocacy and SART

Even with the rise of telehealth and the convenience of video conferencing, there are some instances where in-person consultations will always be essential. Unfortunately, having to travel long distances can present a whole new set of challenges for families in need of service. But there is a solution; and across the country, more and more […]

Onsite Video Recording in the World of Higher Education

No matter the course of study, embracing the power of technology in the classroom can help educators maximize their programs and make learning more engaging and effective for students. Yet for higher education in particular, the decision to utilize video recording is especially beneficial. Students preparing for Capstone projects can take their efforts to a […]

Video Recording for Psychology Session Training and Education

Experience is one of the greatest teachers, and using video recording technology can make those lessons go even further. For psychologists, educators, and behavioral health professionals, using interview room recording equipment can help them refine and improve their techniques. But it’s time to think beyond the basic “camera on a tripod.” With the right solution […]

Forensic Interview Transcription and the Power of iRecord Cloud for Public Safety

When resources are scarce, public safety agencies need Digital Evidence Management Solutions (DEMS) that maximize their team’s potential. By leveraging new technology for audio and speech recognition, you can save countless hours of time and speed up the process of reviewing your audio video evidence from start to finish. Every piece of dialogue needs to […]

How to Advance SART Investigations with Colposcope Exam Evidence

SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) exams provide crucial forensic evidence following sexual assault incidents. In fact, the entire investigation can often hinge on these medical exams. The goal is to collect physical evidence, document injuries, and preserve potential DNA samples. It’s a technical process that can’t leave any room for error. In addition, there’s also […]

The Danger of Deception: New Recommendations for Police Interrogations

In the debate over proper interrogation techniques, the public safety sector is faced with an important challenge. We must balance effective law enforcement with our commitment to protect individuals’ rights during the investigation process. New research, court rulings, and training opportunities continue to inform the best practices and recommendations for police interrogations—the learning never stops. […]

Without Police Interview Training—Can Victims Actually Become Suspects?

In order to uphold the mission “to protect and to serve,” agencies must to remain up-to-date on all of the latest best practices for public safety. Continuous training is a critical part of effective policing. That’s why agencies make commitments to complete various types of ongoing educational programs every year. Professionalism is paramount to keeping […]

New Police Technology Improves Interrogation Effectiveness and Compliance

The landscape of criminal justice is constantly evolving. New police training, research, and interrogation policies all help to ensure that agencies continue to deliver the highest level of service to our communities. With this, ongoing education is critical. Initial training provides a foundation. Yet that can’t eliminate the fact that the skills we learn in […]