Are your Residence Halls really Safe?

In college residence halls, groups of strangers are brought together to build community, make lifelong friends, and develop as individuals.  In fact, many residence hall programs are focused on these topics and strive to be an engaging and dynamic community.

The upside is that students build friendships, feel that they have a family away from home, and become a part of the community.  Unfortunately, this also means that trust is falsely placed at times and students feel safe in circumstances when they should not.

The Prevalence of Misplaced Trust

At times, these feelings of safety and security are misplaced.  Some individuals, who may be a part of the community, friends of community members, or others, who “tailgated” through the locked doors, look to take advantage of this misplaced trust.  A student goes to the bathroom down the hall and leaves their door unlocked.  When the student returns, his/her/hir laptop is gone.  Where did it go?

iRecord can help!

This is where iRecord can help.  Many residence halls already have security installed in the residence halls for instances such as these.  However, it may not be upgraded to digital and need videos changed, it may be inaccessible to the staff running the building, or it may provide a grainy image.

Let us help you keep your residence halls safer.  We want to work with you to provide recording technology that will be clear, user-friendly, and accessible to the appropriate staff.  This way, those who negatively impact the community can be caught and held accountable.

Perhaps recording could even create a greater opportunity for encouraging a community in which restorative justice is integral.

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