How Safe is your Campus?

In today’s legal climate, college campuses are installing cameras around campus.  With the changes in Title IX and Clery reporting, having video surveillance is essential.  When an allegation of misdoing is brought forth, video evidence can help provide clarity in the situation.

United Educators created a document that provided a checklist for conducting sexual assault investigation within the guidelines of best practices.   They write,

This checklist focuses on recommended practices for investigating an alleged sexual assault of a student. It is based on materials created by Jody Shipper for a workshop of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA)” (2012, p.1).  Since 2012, the need to conduct these investigations with transparency and accountability has increased.

Tyler Kingkade wrote in a Huffington Post article:

Intense focus on sexual assault by college activists, members of Congress and the Obama administration was a catalyst this year to prompt multiple pieces of federal legislation and a White House task force to address how universities deal with campus rape…. Since lawmakers haven’t stepped up to offer definitive guidance, trade groups and consultants have filled the void. The result: Not even a third of college students found guilty of sexual assault are kicked out of school, according to a new Huffington Post analysis. (2014)

At iRecord, we want to help you improve your investigations and comply with Title IX requirements.  We also hope our software will help improve the student experience by allowing university staff to conduct a robust investigation.  Contact us to learn how we can help you!


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