Why Public Opinion of the Police is Improving

Despite the many pieces in the news over the last year that have shared the public’s dissatisfaction with police, reports show that overall, the public’s opinion on law enforcement and law enforcement professionals is improving!

A Gallup survey released last month shows that the public’s trust in police is definitely moving in the right direction. According to an analysis of the results that came out just before the New Year, the Gallup Poll took a look at American’s view of the ethics and honesty standards in 20 professions.

The results?

According to the poll, Americans rated law enforcement very high in honesty and ethics at 56%. This is up from 48% in 2014. The numbers between 2010-2013 ranged from 54%-58% so while 2014 was a difficult year, the gains recovered in 2015 look promising. Just to add some additional perspective, the same survey reflected 37% in 1977 and had risen to 50% by 1993. It hit an all-time high in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks at 68%.

The survey seems to show that Americans are regaining trust in their law enforcement. The analysis offered a few ways to interpret the outcome of the survey, suggesting that:

  1. Relations are not as bad as they seem.
  2. Law enforcement will continue to improve as it continues to professionalize training, resources and customer service. This includes updating equipment, standards, and applying approaches that promote transparency

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