Digital Recording a Game-Changer in Higher Education and More

Digital recording is taking off in more than just law enforcement. Applications for health care, Federal agencies and higher education are also finding unique and game-changing ways to integrate digital recording. Not only are major institutions of higher education like the Christian Theological Seminary using iRecord’s digital recording system to record counseling sessions, but many other alternative uses for the systems are being uncovered.
Built in the USA since 2002, with over 3000 installations nationwide – iRecord simplifies the recording, management, and use of important interviews, meetings, events, and activities in a wide range of applications.

These include:

  • Important Interviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Teaching
  • Employment Screening
  • Conduct Reviews
  • Remote Attendance and Monitoring
  • Video Blogging

Yes, iRecord’s roots are in public safety, but the reality is that the system is ideal for any company or organization that wants to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness (while decreasing costs), and securely document situations that could have legal, ethical, or financial consequences.

Our customers are finding our digital audio and video recording system an effective one for critical interviews, demonstrations, classes, trainings, tutorials, and meeting needs. If you have audio or video files which need to be securely recorded, documented, stored, distributed, retrieved, shared, iRecord’s system can be customized to manage it.

What is iRecord’s System?

iRecord is an easy-to-use, high-quality, turn-key system that allows you to record on-demand with one-touch, or the flip of a switch. This allows you to devote your time, energy and attention to the people and event being recorded. The recordings can be stored in the iRecord vault, and also burned to authenticated, watermarked DVDs and CDs – which can be played on any PC or DVD player.

What’s more, iRecord can also record multiple rooms simultaneously, and networked. The system can be securely shared by others inside or outside your organization. Transcription capability, audio prompting and multiple storage options are additional benefits. We’d love to tell you all the advantages! Or you can click here to read up on them.

Are you a healthcare organization, higher education institution, or organization which would benefit from a secure way to record, store, retrieve, and share digital audio and video files? We want to talk to you! Click here to fill out a form and tell us about who you are.

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