Who Are the Victims of Child Abuse Act?

Did you know that there are over 900 Child Advocacy Centers across the country and that they all depend on the continued reauthorization of the VOCAA bill for funding? While you may have heard of CACs before, we want to share with you why they are important, what they do and answer a few basic questions for you.

  1. What does the VOCAA bill actually do? The bill authorizes a program that was enacted by Congress in 1990 to fund Children’s Advocacy Centers around the United States. Reauthorization of the bill in 2013 strengthened programs within CACs by building in additional accountability provisions, non-profit requirements and limitations on conference expenses.
  2. How has the VOCAA been funded? Congressional authorization for CACs has not been continuously funded since 1990. It initially lapsed in 2005 and the VOCAA of 2013 was introduced and later signed by President Barak Obama in 2014. Funding has been allocated through 2018.
  3. What are Children Advocacy Centers? This Delaware press release captures well just what CACs are and what they do in the U.S.

Children’s Advocacy Centers employ a multi-disciplinary team of trained professionals to conduct forensic interviews of children who have been victims of abuse. These interviews are designed to be admissible in court, preventing children from being re-traumatized by having to tell their stories multiple times. In 2012 alone, more than 286,000 children were served at 900 Children’s Advocacy Centers across the United States, with more than 197,000 cases reporting sexual abuse. Their use in child abuse cases saved, on average, $1,000 per case in court, child protection, and investigative fees.

Child Advocacy Centers must stretch their funding to meet their increasing needs and many are working toward a goal of installing state of the art equipment in their interview rooms. When interview rooms have the right equipment, optimal positioning of that equipment and that equipment works consistently, simply, and accurately, investigators and CAC staff are able to work together more effectively. Cases are closed or resolved more quickly. Communities become safer.

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