Today’s Options for Interview Room Camera System Solutions

Solutions for law enforcement surveillance cameras provide a handful of benefits. But combining these recordings with carefully collected interview room evidence will offer even more background information for the defense and prosecution teams. Our justice system needs both types of information in order to keep the public safe.


Public Safety Transparency and the Pursuit of Justice

Our nation’s best law enforcement officers have always worked hard to protect and serve their communities. Yet high-profile events in recent years have put agencies under public scrutiny. Transparency is a top concern. Unfortunately though, law enforcement surveillance cameras have clear limitations. They simply aren’t enough to prove the professionalism of your team.

For one, not every agency has procedures in place to keep their recording equipment constantly running. Another challenge is that the audio video quality with these types of recording devices can be low-quality and extremely difficult to interpret. That’s why at iRecord, we’ve made it our mission to provide the most reliable, robust, and user-friendly interview room and mobile interview recording solutions on the market. Agencies can’t leave any room for error when they’re collecting evidence.


Next Steps for Law Enforcement Surveillance Cameras

There’s no denying that law enforcement surveillance cameras for public safety vehicles and body cams have their place and purpose. However, these recordings can only go so far. The next step is to collect audio video evidence in a proper interview room. Time and time again, it’s the recorded interview room evidence that helps paint the bigger picture. Detectives need to have the opportunity to follow the proper protocols in a calm and quiet setting.

We can’t only rely on law enforcement surveillance cameras for court-admissible evidence. Agencies and legal professionals need to insist on a formal interview evidence process in order to collect all of the details for the case. Both the suspects and the victims need to have their stories told. By collecting these accounts as soon as possible—and outside of the courtroom—we’ll be in a better position to honor and uphold our justice system. The court needs the opportunity to review every detail that can help inform the case and ruling.


Get to the Truth with Interview Evidence Recording

Public safety professionals need and deserve to have the best tools for their crucial line of work. Their work is often the backbone of building strong communities. What’s more, being able to provide the court with accurate helps ensure that we’re reaching the appropriate outcome for every case.

If your agency’s interview room solution needs to be reviewed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to iRecord. We can present you with onsite recording solutions, as well as mobile interview recording options. Then your officers and detectives can utilize reliable recording equipment in the field, and start gathering high-quality interview evidence right at the scene of the crime. It takes more than just law enforcement surveillance cameras to do the job right.

Let our team help your agency design a solution that actually makes sense for the long-run. We provide custom interview room equipment and software that’s easy to navigate. Then your team members will have a streamlined solution to create redactions and share evidence.

For example, our latest Cloud Solution development helps agencies share your important interviews quickly and securely through an online portal. This streamlines your process, saving both time and money. There are plenty of other features we can share with you too! Let us know what’s on your mind. We’re always happy to help!

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