iRecord Interview Room Systems: How We Rise Above

The process for collecting court admissible interview evidence has many steps, and you can’t afford to have a disjointed system. Fortunately, with the iRecord interview room systems, your agency can get all of the necessary recording equipment—plus intuitive software to keep all of your interview evidence organized and secure.

Bringing Ease-of-Use to Interview Evidence Recordings

Our justice system relies on accurate evidence for the court to deliver just rulings. Interview evidence often becomes the lynchpin for a case. Whenever law enforcement agencies or child advocacy groups are ready to conduct an interview onsite, they need the right equipment. But it’s not only about the most “advanced” systems. The best interview recording solutions combine modern technology with a user-friendly process.

That’s exactly why iRecord has excelled as today’s industry leader. Because we’ve carefully built our systems with detectives and child advocacy staff members in mind, your teams get more than a compliant and secure recording system. It’s also easy to operate from start to finish. To begin the recording, all you need to do is flip a wall switch. That’s it. No hassle, no equipment to set up.

We design custom interview room systems, and so we always take your actual, physical room into account. In order for your interview recordings to be consistently reliable and compliant, you need to have clear audio and the correct camera angles. That way, nothing gets missed. Our process includes the equipment installation so you can be ready to collect a high-quality recording every time.

New Benefits with iRecord Cloud Solutions

Another feature that sets us apart is our streamlined solution for securing and sharing your digital evidence with cloud storage. Every agency knows that their interview recordings need to be protected. You only have one chance to record your interviews, and the possibility of losing evidence would be devastating to a case.

With our cloud solution’s automatic storage process, your team can feel confident that their hard work won’t get missed. What’s even better about the iRecord Cloud Solution, though, is that we’ve made it easier than ever to review your digital evidence and collaborate with other parties. It all happens online with high security logins and passwords. This is different than other cloud system that only focus on the “storage” aspect. With iRecord, you essentially get a collaborative cloud portal too. The solution allows you to work remotely, check the status of your caseload, add notes, create redactions, as well as have that redundant storage for your digital files.

Designed for Those Who Protect and Serve

All across the country, law enforcement agencies, child advocacy groups, and other teams work tirelessly to protect and serve our communities. We’re hoping to provide the solutions you need to streamline your system and make life a little easier.

iRecord’s mission is to provide audio video equipment, intuitive recording software, and custom interview rooms systems for public safety professionals. We know that making the commitment to adopt new interview room systems can be daunting. But we’re here to help you understand your options. The iRecord solutions are designed specifically for your teams, and it just takes a quick demo to see the difference for how your team could benefit day in and day out. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’d be more than happy to connect!

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