The New Recording Law Hands Down Solution for Dealing with Competing Confessions

Until two weeks ago, parties on both side of the federal courtroom, defending and prosecuting lawyers alike, have faced the problem of dealing with competing confessions, without the “proof” electronically recorded interviews mandated in many states in non-federal cases.

A recent story published in the Crookston Times, a publication out of North Dakota highlights the impact and the fact that “both sides like the [upcoming] FBI policy on recording interviews” and that it’s “a good idea” for dealing with cases “in which prosecutors deal with competing confessions.”

While the new law won’t apply to all interviews, it will apply to custodial interrogations as well as most interrogations that are run prior to taking a person into custody.

Attorneys have for years dealt with the challenge of no electronic recordings, having to rely instead on hand-written notes and reports that summarize interrogations.

The advantages of having electronically recorded statements and interrogations have numerous implications, and while they may have appeared to take place “overnight,” the truth is that they have been “a long time coming,” according to U.S. Attorney Timothy Purdon.

Some of the advantages highlighted in the Crookston Times article include:

  1. Ensuring the court receive a “full and fair court review” of statements made by witnesses
  2. Helps juries decide on discrepancies from witnesses and “competing confessions”
  3. Recording of confessions makes trials much easier
  4. Helps juries see problems in “false confessions”

While some prosecutors and other law enforcement officers rely on smartphones and other non-standard equipment to record interviews and custodial interrogations, the standard for quality and need for convenient, turnkey recording solutions has become clear.

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