The Buzz around the DOJ’s Recent Decision to Record Interrogations

The networks have been abuzz the last couple weeks with news on the Feds recent decision to overturn bans on recording interrogations. Check out the latest highlights from the top news sources around the country.

  1. NY Times: Justice Department to Reverse Ban on Recording Interrogations. Check out the memo from the Justice Department that calls for the videotaping of most interrogations by clicking Memo from the U.S. Department of Justice.
  1. USA Today: Justice Department Reverses Recording Policy InterrogationsExecutive Director at the Society of former Special Agents of the BFI Nancy Savage was quoted saying, “This is a radical departure. They want to see it in living color. … I think it’s probably just a move forward.”
  2. CNN: A Justice Department Reversal: Ok, Let’s Record our Interrogations Fears that recorded interviews would aid defendants fueled much of the longstanding resistance against videotaping interrogations. No longer will FBI and other federal agents have to come to court and deliver testimony and more from “hand-scribbled” notes.
  1. Huffington Post: FBI Recording policy Reversed The Huffington Post shares a statement made by Jerry J. Cox, President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL): He explains that recording interrogations “protects the accused against police misconduct, protects law enforcement against false allegations, and protects public safety by ensuring a verbatim record of the interrogation process and any statements.”
  1. NPR: New DOJ Policy Calls for Videotaping the Questioning of Suspects While the announcement was made quietly, the impact is anything but. Key in this decision has been the fact that, according to the NPR article, “many state and city police already record interviews with suspects because of concerns about abusive practices that could railroad innocent or vulnerable individuals into false confessions.”

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