New Law Reverses 100+ Year Ban on Recording Interview & Interrogations

Big changes are taking place in Washington when it comes to the recording of interrogations of suspects in criminal cases. In fact, as recently as May 22, 2014, the Department of Justice announced a new policy, one that would be “sweeping” that stand to have a major impact.

According to the CBS News article Feds to Record Interrogations in Sweeping Policy Change, the new policy will apply to:

  1. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  2. The Drug Enforcement Agency
  3. The Bureau of Alcohol
  4. Tobacco and Firearms
  5. The U.S. Marshal Service

Attorney General Eric Holder made this announcement in a video statement:

“Creating an electronic record will ensure that we have an objective account of key investigations and interviews with people who are held in federal custody,” said Holder.

One big change this introduces in a policy shift that is over 100 years old in the FBI. The agency has not been allowed to record interrogations or interviews without obtaining special permission. This will no longer be the case as of July 11, 2014.

Holder added more about the policy, stating that it “encourages video recording whenever possible and audio recording when video is unavailable.”

To read the full article, click Feds to Record Interrogations in Sweeping Policy Change.

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