8 Ways to Argue Your Case with Video Depositions

When we consider video depositions, we tend to think of them as a convenience, or a layer of protection for a witness. Today, let’s talk about how you can use video depositions to litigate your case. Hold attention Let’s face it: depositions can be indescribably dull to listen to. Even jurors (and judges) with the […]

Child Witnesses: The Right Approach

Child Witnesses: The Right Approach When a child is not the victim, but a witness, access can be complicated. Conflicting priorities place people who would normally be on the same side at odds with each other. How can law enforcement agencies navigate this complex situation to get the information they need while also protecting the […]

The Right Interview Room Makes Victims Feel Safe

With victims already facing the injustice of being assaulted, adding to that being interviewed in a what Hollywood often portrays as a harsh, uncomfortable room often adds a further injustice. Thanks to films and hit TV series, many of our views of the interview room are largely negative, but the truth is that many interview […]