iRecord Spotted on Discovery’s Killing Fields

iRecord was once again spotted on the screen—the true-crime Discover series, Killing Fields. Our technology has also been highlighted in The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and season 15 of The First 48. Police recording equipment has evolved through the years from something that would require a few trained people who understood the […]

One Intelligent Recording Solution Hits Go on Improved Call Recording 

In the split seconds it takes for an incident to escalate into tragedy, chaos often ensues. Victims don’t always come forward right away and gathering evidence sometimes takes weeks. In those moments, communication is critical, but not always clear. We love sharing what other organizations are doing to step in the gap, and one feature—mobile […]

What Recording Capital Cases Shows PDs about the Impact of Recording Equipment

When the Public Act 93-0206 became effective in Illinois in July of 2005, the Chicago Police Department along with all other PDs throughout Illiniois were required to electronically record all criminal cases that involved voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. This was just the first step. Learn what implications this led to and why recording interviews has […]

Top Advantages of Using a Tablet in the Workplace

Digital literacy is a hot topic in 2015 in higher education, HR, health care, and in many other professional fields.  Just over a decade ago, managing content across different platforms was the job of highly specialized professionals. Today, entrepreneurs in almost any line of work can experience the advantages of increased digital literacy. One of […]

Wearable Technology and Applications for Human Resources

Last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was packed full with eye-catchers, but one of the biggest products to hit the markets—the wearable tech device—is appearing across many industries with promises of efficiency, economic benefit and boosts in productivity. Those in human resources are finding that the possibilities are far larger than they may […]

What Law Enforcement Leaders are Talking About—Top 6 Trends

What are the issues in the minds of police officers, law enforcement and the public which engages with police on a daily basis? Here is a list of six issues we’ve spotted that are highly popular now. Police Shootings: In the wake of heated debate about police abuse of powers after a few high profile […]

Four Rules of Evidence Every Law Enforcement Official Should Know

With the number of digital images and videos being captured today by law enforcement and everyday citizens, it’s critical that law enforcement officials follow the rules of evidence in order to ensure that the pains they take to record convert into admissible evidence. Many pieces have been written on the rise of technology and its […]

Transparency and Technology Can Work Together

Public perception of law enforcement can be negative for the wrong reasons. Although policing efforts have expanded in the past two decades to include proactive strategies, many times the public only focuses on the misses or the losses in the game. Today, there is a lot of conversation about accountability, federal oversight, and transparency. Liam […]

5 Questions to Consider before Adopting Body-Worn Cams

Recent events and news stories about the efficacy and need for body-worn cameras in communities across the country have led many of us to realize the value that this tool can offer. The fact is that no long-term studies have been conducted yet as the technology and pervasiveness of the devices being used has only […]

No Technology Adoption Decision Should Be Made Lightly

There has been a lot of talk about leveraging technology to improve policing in law enforcement and with great cause. The rise of technology and the solutions it has introduced would have staggered us just a few years ago. Nonetheless, agencies and departments should not adopt carelessly nor thoughtlessly. Know Your Needs from a Broad […]