The Surveillance Tool that Tracks Cell Phones down to a Three Yards!

There are a good number of people talking about a device that is rumored to be able to not only track cell phones, but a whole lot more—and being used by law enforcement agents to keep communities safer and bring cases to a close more quickly. What’s the Surveillance Device? You may have heard it […]

Five Situations in which You Might Hire A Private Investigator to Conduct Surveillance

Surveillance is the process by which behavior is monitored. Surveillance can involve the use of video cameras, or still cameras, or recording equipment or even one individual following and noting the actions of another. Learn a few specific situations where working with a private investigator might be the next best choice and how they conduct […]

Surveillance and Interview: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

Two signs of the same coin some say, but how similar are the functions and can you close cases using the same equipment? In short, you might want to rethink the box when it comes to private investigation and the tools you use to conduct surveillance and interviews. Private investigation requires a lot of work […]