Can Your PD Store and Manage Digital Evidence in These Eight Plus Ways?

If your PD is getting ready or thinking about making the move to recording interviews, one of the questions you need to prepare to think through is how you store, access, share and manage your digital evidence. Learn more! We are so certain that no other product is as effective as ours that we have […]

Congratulations to the Honor Those Who Protect Contest Winner

iRecord, the leading manufacturer of digital video recording and evidence management solutions for law enforcement professionals, wants to help keep communities safer, and we know that one way to do that is to help those involved in capturing, sharing and utilizing recorded testimony get equipped with the right tools. This motivated us to set up […]

Wearable Technology and Applications for Human Resources

Last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was packed full with eye-catchers, but one of the biggest products to hit the markets—the wearable tech device—is appearing across many industries with promises of efficiency, economic benefit and boosts in productivity. Those in human resources are finding that the possibilities are far larger than they may […]

How iRecord can Help You Meet Counselor Training Standards

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) accredits master’s and doctoral degree programs in counseling.  As a part of their standards, they write, “The development of program-appropriate audio/video recordings for use in supervision or live supervision of the student’s interactions with clients.” Recording is an essential aspect to any counseling program.  […]

Agencies Endorse Recording Interviews Once They’ve Tried It

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s been my experience that a video is worth ten thousand.” – Clackamas County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office When it comes to interviews, police and suspects can both have their words and conduct analyzed in a court room. While everyone would like to portray themselves in the best […]

How iRecord Helps You Send Fewer Cases to Legal Counsel

How many times has your department been burdened with a case that just won’t close? A case that might have been able to close if you’d been more efficient, if you’d recorded your entire interview or interrogation of suspects involved in a case? Recording interviews is one of the best ways to ensure accuracy, achieve […]

6 Sticky Questions about Body Worn Cams

In the UK, which is where officers first began experimenting with body cameras, many are finding that cameras are doing more than recording encounters, they are also having an effect on those who are being recorded. People are also behaving differently when they know they are being recorded, which could be a good thing. That […]

Limit Roadside Liability

What really happened during roadside police enforcement?  Was the individual that was pulled over recording the situation?  Did the officer act within the appropriate ethics of his/her position and guidelines?  All this can be addressed through recording as you can mitigate conflicting stories of what happened. With an increasing number of accused actually recording you, […]

How Recording Helps Close Cases More Quickly

In an interview, being able to follow the sequence of events is essential. Without audio or video recording, closing the case takes longer and often costs more.  By being able to go back to interviews, (1) re-listening to the recording (2) as well as look at body language, the most appropriate course of action can […]

Recording = Integrity in Investigations

When you interview, determining what really happened can be a challenge if you aren’t recording. Was the interviewee coerced or did it happen as the interviewer said?  Did the investigators lie?  When recording is done, questions of interviewing can be removed from the equation. Say you go to court and the opposing counsel is attempting […]