Police, Know the Right Equipment to Record on

Does your force know the ins and outs of collecting their audio and video recorded evidence? Does your equipment enable you to get those recordings into the hands of all parties quickly? Do you ever deal with inadmissible evidence because of the quality of your recordings from your current recording solution? In order to ensure […]

Public, Know Your Right to Record

Do you know what the truth is about your right to record? The recent Walter Scott shooting has raised the question once again about whether police can legally confiscate smartphones and other personal devices from citizens who record police action during encounters with the public. The Walter Scott case, specifically, has fanned the flame on […]

The Buzz around the DOJ’s Recent Decision to Record Interrogations

The networks have been abuzz the last couple weeks with news on the Feds recent decision to overturn bans on recording interrogations. Check out the latest highlights from the top news sources around the country. NY Times: Justice Department to Reverse Ban on Recording Interrogations. Check out the memo from the Justice Department that calls for […]