Top Benefits to Cloud Adoption in Law Enforcement

Why are police agencies across the country considering and moving to cloud technologies to handle digital evidence? We spent the first quarter of 2015 traveling from city to city with Microsoft, the leading provider of cloud solutions for law enforcement, and we want to share the primary benefits you will gain when it comes to […]

We in Law Enforcement Need Best Practices for Cloud Implementation

Do you want to be part of a nationwide conversation among law enforcement officials about moving to the Cloud? iRecord is conducting “fireside chats” with key industry professionals and thought leaders on the topic of moving to cloud-based solutions (specifically the Microsoft Azure Government cloud). The cloud platform is designed to meet US government demands, […]

FBI Moves to Cloud Solution!

Law enforcement professionals have been wary in adopting cloud-based solutions when it comes to storing and managing digital evidence for many reasons. One of the primary reasons has been because of security concerns (think Snowden) and CJIS compliance requirements. However, as of March 2015, the FBI has announced it was moving to the Cloud. This […]