Child Witnesses: The Right Approach

Child Witnesses: The Right Approach When a child is not the victim, but a witness, access can be complicated. Conflicting priorities place people who would normally be on the same side at odds with each other. How can law enforcement agencies navigate this complex situation to get the information they need while also protecting the […]

Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case

Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case A prosecutor’s office in Macomb County, Michigan was recently challenged for not videoing child victim interviews– by the defendant. How can this be? Well, as it turns out, the defendant’s lawyers honed in on a critical point: Macomb County’s policy of conducting non-recorded interviews was out of step with […]

Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview

Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview Interview rooms are routinely equipped with cameras, but there are unique interview situations that provide specific challenges. For example, interviewing a child is not like interviewing an adult. A child interview room is often provided with toys, art supplies, and multiple seating venues, which can present a real challenge […]

Sleep Cycles between Interviews Build Trust

A good day’s work and then a good night’s sleep. It sounds simple, but the sometimes we find that we intuitively know an answer to improving a complicated process before we ever put it to practice. Of course then we need to put it to practice. This is exactly what one law enforcement agency has […]

How Safe is your Campus?

In today’s legal climate, college campuses are installing cameras around campus.  With the changes in Title IX and Clery reporting, having video surveillance is essential.  When an allegation of misdoing is brought forth, video evidence can help provide clarity in the situation. United Educators created a document that provided a checklist for conducting sexual assault […]

Child Advocacy and the Medical Professional: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

You may not realize that when it comes to child abuse, the spectrum of professions that must be consulted is wide. Your social worker, your child psychologist, your forensic investigator, the person who reports the incident and many others are among the group. But have you considered the role that the medical professional may play […]

More than Home Security—Protecting Your Children from Cyberstalkers

During our everyday life, we concern ourselves mainly with home security; enabling the security alarm, locking the door when we leave, etc.  However, there’s another menace out there that is creeping through our society.  This menace is Cyberstalking, the exploiting of our children through the Internet. While you may have thought countless times about the […]