Interview Footage: Who Gets to See It?

Who gets to see the body cam footage your department collects? It’s important to have a consistent policy in place before it’s needed. Here are some key issues you’ll want to consider. If you’re going to have a policy for how and when you’re sharing data, you first need to address proper procedure for actual […]

Body Cam Footage: An Underused Resource

Body cams have all kinds of practical applications in everyday police work. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of your body cam footage. Some of these may really surprise you! Eyewitness Interviews: Most of us think of body cams as a tool to document critical incidents as they […]

Why Equip with Body-Worn Cameras?

Police departments around the country are adopting body-worn cameras everywhere you turn. What is it that is driving this increase in adoption, and what are the goals of equipping law enforcement officers with these tools? Why Body-Worn Cameras? At the end of 2015, the state of New Jersey announced that it would be spending $2.5 […]

Body-Worn Cameras Protect Lawbreakers and Law Enforcers

Cameras are becoming as commonplace as cell phones because most phones have a camera application nowadays, and they have introduced a new level of accountability when it comes to enforcing the law. Learn more on some ways that body-worn or on-officer cameras can contribute to more positive outcomes. In fact, one of many stories recently […]