iRecord Ideal for Commercial Accounts Too

Industries nationwide are realizing the value of harnessing technology to conduct training, do playback exercises and offer feedback in new ways. Whether in the public safety and forensic interview worlds or in the many different corporate spheres digital recording systems are being installed, iRecord continues to deliver in accuracy, simplicity and reliability.

While iRecord’s roots are in public safety and forensic interviews, iRecord is also ideal for commercial

accounts, such as:

  1. Law firms
  2. Schools and universities
  3. Retailer
  4. Entertainment venues
  5. Healthcare centers
  6. Hospitals

The list goes on! The iRecord digital video and audio recording system is a great fit for any business, company or organization that needs to digitally record (on‐demand) events or proceedings that could have legal, ethical, operational, or financial consequences.

Effective for More than You Know

iRecord is effective for interviews, demonstrations, teaching and training, employment screening,

conduct reviews, remote attendance and monitoring, HR, and any scenario where a critical interview,

demonstration, class, tutorial, meeting, procedure, or action needs to be recorded. What’s more, the system enables the user to also ensure those recordings securely documented, indexed, stored, distributed, retrieved, shared, and leveraged.  iRecord’s system is an easy‐to‐use, password protected system that allows you to start and stop recording, with the touch‐of‐a‐button, or the flip of a switch.

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