Don’t Let the Bad Guys Get Away

Technology today has made the world smaller but in some ways it has made navigating that world more complex. For law enforcement, recording equipment used in proving and analyzing evidence can be non-user friendly. And if you find a simple solution, many of these designs contain proprietary information that must be converted before recordings can be viewed.


What’s more, if there are malfunctions or issues with the recorded material or equipment, cases can be lost. iRecord’s system works in the field, in the interrogation office, in the courtroom.

What our clients tell us is that one of their biggest challenges with digital recording equipment is the fact that it’s not user friendly.

iRecord’s system is so easy one of our clients exclaimed, “Even my mom can use it! It’s Mom-proof!”

Its ease begins with the one-button activation. Whether you choose to click using a keyboard, tap using your tablet or push the button for your interrogation room, it’s as simple as that—one click, one tap or one push.

Navigating the system is equally simple. Your recordings are automatically saved in a user-friendly manner (consistent with your preferences by custom-design or pre-formatted for intuitive use). Finding your files no longer needs to be a shot in the dark.

And when it comes to sharing your recording, you have no proprietary threads running in the background that need to be converted, saved to a common format or reworked. Whether you want to email or simply burn the recording on a disk, the options are available to use the method most convenient for you and/or your recipient.

Most importantly, when you are working with equipment that is neither easy nor mobile, your chances of struggling to close cases increases. With iRecord, keeping the bad guys where they belong is simple.

Finally, in the courtroom, iRecord’s reputation sings. It’s facility, reliability and secure programming makes it the best and the right choice for any law enforcement agency or investigation team.

Imagine utilizing a system so simple even your mom could open, record and share with ease!

How easy is the system you current use? Wouldn’t it be worth a peek at what iRecord has to offer? We would be happy to share a product demo with you or discuss more features if you are interested.

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