Interview Room Camera System

Camera recording video systems can be applications for many industries and organizations. 

Cameras are everywhere. In your doorbell, on streetlights, and even in your pocket, and for good reason. If you are confronted or accused, a video of the incident is the best way to defend your recounting of the event. Conducting an interview while its fresh in the victim’s mind is incredibly valuable to law enforcement. A witness or suspect can reveal clues with body langugage that can’t always be translated through an audio recording alone. Having an Interview Room Camera System can be the best tool when it comes to witness interrogation and evidence collection.

Recording not just audio, but also video can make a world of difference for law enforcement and litigation. Nothing tells the truth like a video recording of an incident or witness. More than just the audio, video is important to capture body language, disposition, and conduct.

There are so many other industries that can benefit from an Interview Room Camera System. Have you ever been to the doctor and they give you instructions on how to treat your ailment, but once you got home, you can’t recall what the steps were? Being able to access a video recording of your conversation with your doctor would be helpful to jog your memory without calling the doctor’s office.

Practical Uses for an Interview Room Camera System

If you’re unsure if an Interview Room Camera System is right for your business, then keep reading to see how iRecord’s video system can assist in a variety of situations for variety of industries.

Law Enforcement

How a suspect reacts to questioning during an interview isn’t limited to the words they say. Body language and facial expressions can be the key to understanding the emotions of a witness. This is especially helpful to judges and juries later on during a trial and could help persuade a verdict better than an audio recording alone.


Not only is having an Interview Room Camera System in a medical office a good idea for recalling memories and instructions for patients. But having a recording system in place can also be a great learning tool. Doctors can watch a patient’s progress during rehabilitation to help better assist the healing of the patient. A camera system is also ideal for learning how to do new procedures. Watching recordings of students complete a new technique can provide prospective for improvement.


If bad weather has stopped classes, or  if you teach an online course, having an Interview Room Camera System can keep class in session. Students can watch the recording of class from the comfort of their couch. A video recording of a class can be a great tool for improving teaching methods. Watching recordings of yourself teaching can be an asset for self-critiquing and can help improve your student engagement.

Child Advocacy

When a child goes through a traumatic event, they often don’t want to relive the moment. But if that child is an important witness, they need to tell their story at least once. Especially if a child is young, video is a great way to see how a child’s behavior has changed.  Video can also show how the child feels emotionally when talking about the incident in a safe environment. Having a video recording of a child testifying, avoids subjecting the child to confront any abusers on trial. This could be a very emotional moment for the child that can be avoided.

Benefits of using iRecord For Your Interview Room Camera System

At iRecord we know you have a choice for your Interview Room Camera System, but here are the top reasons so many industries havechosen us for over 16 years.

1. Videos are impartial. If you need an unbiased account for observation for education, healthcare, or law enforcement, our video systems will assist in getting you the whole truth as it happened.
2. Our systems are user friendly and easy to learn. Our platform tracks interviews all the way to deletion, and are capable of being installed in multiple rooms and stored on one central server.
3. Safe and confidential servers will save all your videos until you are ready to share them. And with no more tapes or video equipment that needs to be moved around, all your information is safe in once convenient location.

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