Increase Your Efficiency and Productivity with iRecord Devices

For the last decades, 911 Directors for Communication Centers across the country continue to find and turn to iRecord solutions as they increase efficiency and improve productivity across the board. These and many other specifics will continue to lead emergency and law enforcement teams to choose iRecord digital recording and software solutions.

One client testimony told by the Kokomo Howard County Communications Center 911 Director spells out the ways that iRecord’s parent company, Word Systems, has made the difference that counts over the last two decades. Some of the problems the director outlines with their previous system included: 

    • Systems locking up
    • Losing traffic
    • Old data recycling back over itself

After convening a meeting to discuss the issues and potential solutions, but without the financial resources to purchase the new system, the committee organized to look at solutions was at an impass. But then Word Systems did something that they didn’t expect–though they had supplied the equipment that had been aging and presenting problems, they wanted to offer a new focus system and meet them at a financial place that was feasible for everyone.

What they discovered was a system that:

    • Was IP based
    • Provided better efficiency to check recordings and pull tapes
    • Allowed work to be done it anywhere internet was available

With newfound ability to work in nearly every and from nearly every emergency situations or violent crime, the Center was able to pull information together no matter where the activity was taking place. The Center found that efficiency increased and productivity increased. What’s more, the director explained that the “staff is wonderful, knowledgeable…the sales staff are very attentive. Support technicians are spectacular and diagnose problems over the phone quickly and efficiently.”

To learn more about this client and his testimony on the benefits of their new system, click on iRecord Video Customer Testimonial – Kokomo 911.

Word Systems, Inc is the Master Distributor for iRecord, the premier Interview Recording Systems on the Market. Word Systems has a talented and focused group of system integrators and resellers that integrate iRecord products with many organizations.

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