How to Do Your Due Diligence before Committing to an Investigation Firm

Getting connected with the right law firm is critical before you invest money into a project. Do you have the know-how when it comes to vetting your investigation firm? Learn a few how-to’s and be sure to do your due diligence before investing your money.

Tips before You Sign the Dotted Line

Due Diligence – The people you invest your money with need to be reliable and be able to deliver. Don’t leave out due diligence.

Physical Location – Look for a physical location with an office address before you sign on with your investigation firm.  Make sure you know whether the address is a PO Box or other mail drop address, a virtual office or a real office. Call the organization to learn whether other staff work there or just a single office worker.

Contracts – Have your lawyer review any contract before you sign with an investigation firm. It’s best to have an expert advise you after doing a paragraph by paragraph read through. Your legal advisor will also be able to let you know whether the contract you are entering is enforceable.

Think Your Company Needs to Be Investigated?

Many employees feel overwhelmed or unsure about what they should do if they notice something unethical happening in the workplace. If they are receiving pressure from their supervisor or boss to do something inappropriate such as changing numbers, this can add to the pressure.

Next month we will spotlight tips for the non-investigator when it comes to running in-house investigations as highlighted in the resource Investigative Tips for the Non-Investigator.

If you are looking to work with a professional investigator or conduct an investigation in-house, be sure that you know how to properly interview and record those critical conversations. There is nothing worse than identifying the problem, gathering the evidence and then being unable to bring closure to a problem because the evidence acquired is unclear or wasn’t captured appropriately.

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