Has Your Agency Considered the 1033 Program for Key Law Enforcement Equipment?

Recently, a lot of negative attention has been given to the 1033 Program after the riots in Fergeson, Missouri. What you might not realize, however, is the proportion of agency budgets (upwards of 80 percent) being allocated to non-combat items, including digital audio and video recording systems. Learn what agencies are tapping into the 1033 Program to improve safety and close more cases more quickly.

What is the 1033 Program?

The 1033 Program is a part of the Disposition Services of the United States Government’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Essentially, the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997 allows the transfer of excess property to go to law enforcement agencies across the US and its territories. These materials otherwise would be destroyed.

According to the program’s informational website, the 1033 Program has transferred $5.1 billion in military hardware from the United States Army to local American law enforcement agencies since 1997.

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How Can Law Enforcement Offices Utilize 1033?

While a lot of attention has been shed on 1033 in light of the Fergeson events earlier this year, the reality is that most law enforcement agencies have been able to utilize 1033 for a wide range of non-combat equipment.

In Virginia, for example, the Charleston Daily Mail reported the following: “The Charleston resident office of the Drug Enforcement Agency acquired winter vests, magazine cartridges, chemical masks, tool kids, flashlights, first aid kits, laptop computers and digital cameras in July and August. The Kanawha County Parks Police acquired 12 binoculars, 5 chain saws, 18 trauma kits and 10 hydration systems in 2013. The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office has received three ATVs, five Humvees and three cargo trucks, along with various parts for the vehicles, and the Princeton Police Department received items ranging from gym equipment to ballistic goggles” (August, 2014).

Joining a 1033 Program

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If yours is a local law enforcement agency (LEA) that is looking to join the 1033 program, consider the following three basic criteria that must be met.

  1. Is your agency’s primary function the enforcement of law?
  2. Are your agency’s officers properly compensated?
  3. Do your agency’s officers have the powers of arrest and apprehension?

You can learn more about how to join the program by clicking here.

What Other Equipment Needs Do You Have?

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