How to Announce Your New Interview Room to the Community

Maintaining open channels of communication helps public safety professionals build trust throughout the populations they serve. For any kind of facility improvement project, it’s crucial that law enforcement professionals keep their citizens informed. Being able to provide details on your facility’s interview room upgrades, for example, can be a great way to demonstrate how your team is working to protect everyone’s best interests.

Best Practices for Announcing Facility Upgrades

Whether your project is still in the early planning stages, about to break ground, or will officially be in use next week, keeping the public up-to-date on any changes will help them feel more connected to your agency’s work. How you navigate these conversations will set the tone for your community as a whole.

1. Outline the interview room benefits

The most important details to share with your community members are how your agency’s interview room upgrades relate to your team’s mission to defend public safety. Working with an easy-to-use recording systemoften saves your team precious time and money. However, these benefits may not be immediately clear to everyone. That’s why it can be useful to succinctly express and repeat why your new interview recording room will work to uphold and streamline your area’s entire legal process:

  • Modern space for professional interviews
  • Secure evidence with cloud storage
  • Better system with other law enforcement

2. Prepare your community for any changes

While not every agency will need to make plans for extensive remodels or facility expansions, the ones that do should inform the public as soon as possible. Maybe you’ll need to reconfigure your building’s main entrance or reroute traffic in the area to better accommodate the builders and contractors. The sooner you can make your community aware of the following changes to your existing infrastructure, the better:

  • What’s the project timeline?
  • Who is helping with construction?
  • Where should visitors enter?

3. Share an overview of the funding

It’s common for citizens to have questions about the financial details with your interview room and audio video recording equipment investment. Being as transparent as possible can help the people in your community feel confident that your agency is being responsible with all of your revenue streams. Reflecting on the process you may have followed to secure grant funding can be a great place to start. A succinct budget review will show that your team now has exactly what they need to do their work more efficiently than ever:

  • Minimal training for the new system
  • Saving time with easy-to-use software
  • Reliable legal process protects resources

Hopefully these talking points can help you communicate the key features of your new interview room with your community. Of course, the dialogue has to be able to go both ways. Having systems in place that encourage your citizens to ask questions and get the information they need will go a long way.

Our team at iRecord is always willing to share our insights for interview room designs and planning, as well as options for grant funding. If you would like to learn more about our iRecord Universe system or process, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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