Defining Ease-of-Use for the Interview Recording Process

Knowing how to conduct a productive interview is no easy task. Law enforcement professionals need careful practice to ensure that they follow the strict protocols. With so much on the line, the last thing these teams need is a complicated interview recording process. That’s why at iRecord, we design all of our systems with the end-user in mind. Securing your evidence is of the utmost importance, but it shouldn’t have to add extra steps to how you work.

Interview Recording Equipment and Ease-of-Use

There is no reason why you should have to sacrifice quality for an easy-to-use recording setup. In our mind, you need both for a truly effective audio and video recording solution. If you have sub-par cameras or microphones, your interview evidence won’t be as accurate as possible. Simultaneously, you can’t afford to have a recording process that is awkward or clunky. Having a streamlined system in every aspect is a must.

Simple Start/Stop

A quick look at how each interview recording begins is a great indicator for ease-of-use down the road. Minimizing that start-up time and eliminating as many steps as possible can help your law enforcement team focus on the interview itself. For example, our interview room recording process starts with a simple wall switch. As soon as you turn it “on,” you can move easily forward with the discussion and feel confident knowing that the audio and video is being saved.

User-Friendly Adoption

Of course, a good system will also need to consider the backend functionality. It’s one thing to have a wall switch, but you also need a recording solution that keeps things simple for when you need to create redactionsor make notes on your interview. Blocking out hours or even days of training time simply isn’t an option for busy agencies. Intuitive software is key. Scheduling demos can be a great way to determine whether a system is right for your team.

Secure Cloud Storage

Embracing electronic save files doesn’t just clear up space around the office, it also helps protect your evidence. Using VHS tapes or even DVDs for recording interviews is quickly becoming obsolete. These days, it’s much better to have a system that can back up your data to the cloud. Agencies are in a better position to save and share their evidence when they can utilize cloud storage because they don’t have to worry about physical damage or storage. Recording solutions that integrate with the cloud are a win-win for everyone.

Room Design Expertise

Finally, how you assess ease-of-use with your recording equipment also comes down to how your interview room is arranged. A space that is too large can be just as problematic as a room that is too small for both your detectives and your interview subjects. You also need to pay attention to where your cameras and microphones are placed. Working with permanent equipment installations are a simple way to confirm that your agency consistently records reliable interview evidence.

Uphold Justice with a Streamlined Process

Your interview recording equipment needs to support your daily operations—not hinder the way your team works. Opting for a system that pays attention to more user-friendly features and an easy training process can give your agency the right tools for the job.

If you’d like to learn more about how iRecord Universe can meet or even exceed your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve spent years listening to our clients in order to make our solutions even better, so you can trust that everything in our systems is designed with you in mind. To learn more or to schedule your consultation and demo, please send us a message. We would be happy to answer your questions!


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