How Digital Recording Solutions Streamline the Case

Your interview evidence often proves to be the linchpin of a tough case. If you’re still working with an outdated recording system, though, you might be letting certain details of the case fall through the cracks. A high-quality recording process helps the court review everything they need to make their decision. That’s why utilizing a user-friendly, modern digital recorder is so important. Your agency can’t leave any room for error.

Top 5 Benefits for Switching to a Digital Recorder

When thinking about your new digital recorder solution, you want to go with technology that’s easy to use. A complicated learning curve doesn’t do anyone any favors. Find the right system, and your agency will be in a better position to deliver court-admissible evidence for each and every case that comes your way.

1. Better Quality
The days of film and physical recordings don’t even come close to the audio video quality we have today with digital. You need the court to hear every word and review every facial cue within your interview evidence. Investing in new equipment and software will help you document what matters most.

2. Mobile Options
Going digital also gives you the option to take your recording process on the road. The ability to secure interview evidence anytime and anywhere can help move your investigative process to the next level. Recording on a tablet keeps it simple. Then, with the right software, you’ll be able to review your evidence, take notes, and make redactions.

3. Backup Saves
Relying on physical copies of interview evidence leaves room for errors, and the risk of have a VHS tape break or get lost is too high. With a digital recorder solution, all of your evidence can be saved quickly and redundantly. If you ever need to transport a physical copy, you can simply save it to a flash drive. Better yet—you could work with a Cloud solution.

4. Faster Sharing
With the Cloud, agencies have the power to review their digital evidence either onsite or remotely. These solutions also allow other parties to conveniently access digital evidence from their own computer and secure internet setup. This can help speed up the timeline for working through your caseload. A good Cloud solution basically works as an online portal where parties are able to comment and collaborate.

5. More Secure
Working with digital solutions also gives agencies the benefit of having a secure chain of custody and tracking system for evidence. The right solution will work with secure logins and time logs that can help verify that your evidence is tamper-free and accurate.

Ready to Streamline Your Agency’s Process?

Our mission at iRecord is to serve and protect the professionals who work hard keeping our communities safe. We do that by providing agencies with the best available tech to accurately and securely record their interviews and interrogations. The right digital recorder solutions help ensure that nothing will be misrepresented for your court-admissible evidence.

Whether it’s time to modernize your site’s interview recording room or you’re ready to offer mobile recording solutions to your team, we’re here to help. Send us a message to schedule your demo or a time to talk—we work with clients all across the country!

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